Gather Event

The Bandwidth API generates a gather event when the gather command completes in a call.


Property Description
eventType The event type, value is gather.
state The state of the gather. Value is completed.
digits The digits collected from user.
reason max-digits - The maximum number of digits specified for the gather com.
terminating-digit - The digit specified in the gather com was entered.
inter-digit-timeout - A timeout occurred indicating the maximum amount of time to wait between digits, or before the first digit was pressed.
hung-up - Call was hung up thus terminating the gather.
callId The call id associated with the event.
gatherId The gather event unique id.
time Date/time of event. Timestamp follows the ISO8601 format (UTC).
tag String used when creating the gather

Example JSON

    "eventType" : "string",
    "state"     : "string",
    "digits"    : "string",
    "reason"    : "string",
    "callId"    : "string",
    "gatherId"  : "string",
    "time"      : "date",
    "tag"       : "string"

Example: Gather event completed because the max-digits were reached

POST /your_url HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
User-Agent: BandwidthAPI/v1 ({CURRENT_BUILD_TIMESTAMP})

    "eventType" : "gather",
    "reason"    : "max-digits",
    "state"     : "completed",
    "digits"    : "25",
    "time"      : "2014-07-31T01:01:27Z",
    "callId"    : "{callId}",
    "gatherId"  : "{gatherId}",
    "tag"       : "{tag}"

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