MMS Event

Events sent to your server for inbound and outbound MMS messages.


eventType The event type, value is mms.
direction Direction of message
in - a message that came from the telephone network to one of your numbers (an “inbound” message)
out - a message that was sent from one of your numbers to the telephone network (an “outbound” message)
from The message sender’s telephone number (or short code).
to Message recipient telephone number (or short code).
messageId The unique id of the message resource for this event.
messageUri The full URL of the message resource.
text The message contents.
applicationId The application id associated with the phone number receiving the inbound messages.
time The time the message resource was created (UTC, follows the ISO 8601 format).
state Message state, values are received
media URIs of media files associate with the MMS message.
deliveryState Delivery state of the message--present only sometimes, to indicate certain errors
deliveryCode Numerical code indicating the delivery status of the message--present only sometimes, to indicate certain errors
deliveryDescription Human-readable description of the delivery status--present only sometimes, to indicate certain errors
segmentCount The number of segments the message was sent as. This value will always be 1 for MMS messages.

Example JSON

  "eventType"           : "string",
  "direction"           : "string",
  "from"                : "string",
  "to"                  : "string",
  "messageId"           : "string",
  "messageUri"          : "string",
  "text"                : "string",
  "applicationId"       : "string",
  "time"                : "date",
  "state"               : "string",
  "deliveryState"       : "string",
  "deliveryCode"        : "string",
  "deliveryDescription" : "string",
  "media"               : ["mediaUri1", "mediaUri2"...],
  "segmentCount":       : "integer"

Example: Inbound MMS

POST http://[External server URL]
   "eventType"     : "mms",
   "to"            : "+12534483100",
   "from"          : "+15035555555",
   "time"          : "2015-08-04T21:50:12Z",
   "text"          : "Hello MMS!",
   "direction"     : "in",
   "applicationId" : "a-rj7jf3fz7teaqupveqpug3i",
   "state"         : "received",
   "messageId"     : "m-dr4mcch2wfb6frcls677glq",
   "media"         : [
   "messageUri"    : "{user-id}/messages/m-dr4mcch2wfb6frcls677glq",
   "segmentCount"  : 1

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