Transcription event – verb


Property Description
eventType The event type, value is transcription.
transcriptionId The unique id of the transcription resource.
status The state of the transcription, callback event values are complete or error.
textSize Total character count of text.
text The first 1026 characters of the text of the completed transcription.
textUrl The full URL of the entire text content of the transcription.
transcriptionUri The full URL of the transcription resource.

HTTP request sent to the transcriptionUrl from the <Record> verb:

POST http://[External server URL]
    "eventType"       :"transcription",
    "textSize"        :3627,
    "text"            :"Hello From Bandwidth",
    "status"          :"completed",
    "textUrl"         :"{userId}/media/{transcriptionId}",
    "transcriptionId" :"{transcriptionId}"

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