XML: <Gather>

The Gather verb is used to collect digits for some period of time.


Attribute Description
requestUrl (required) Absolute URL to send events to and request new BXML
requestUrlTimeout (optional) Integer time in milliseconds to wait for requestUrl response (Default value is 30000).
terminatingDigits (optional) Digits to stop gather (Default value is “#”. If changed from the default, cannot be set to empty).
maxDigits (optional) Quantity of digits to collect (Default value is 128).
interDigitTimeout (optional) Integer time indicating the timeout between digits (Default value is 5 seconds).
bargeable (optional) Deprecated. Always considered 'true'. Boolean to indicate if audio playback should be stopped when digit is pressed (Default value is ‘true’).
tag (optional) A string that will be included in the callback events of the gather.

In case no digit is provided, the Gather verb fails and the next verb is executed; if it completes successfully the entered digits are sent via requestUrl attribute.

If there is a nested PlayAudio with “repeatCount” > 1, then the user can press the first digit anytime the audio is playing or during the delay period after the audio file is played. Once the first digit is pressed, the interDigitTimeout parameter of Gather is started.

When the <Gather> verb completes, the Gather event is sent to the Customer's requestUrl. If there is no requestUrl specified, the event is not sent anywhere.

It is recommended to only use one <Gather> verb per BXML document, and that it be the last verb in the BXML. Further BXML verbs should be sent in response to the callback sent by the gather. If new BXML is not received within 30 seconds, the call will be hung up.

In the case when <Gather> is not the last verb in the BXML document, the Gather event is sent to the requestUrl, then the next verb in the BXML document will start executing without waiting for a response from the callback event. This can lead to confusing behavior, which is why we recommend that <Gather> be the last verb in the BXML document.

Nestable Verbs

These verbs might also be nested inside <Gather>:

Verb Description
SpeakSentence (optional) Using the SpeakSentence inside the Gather verb will speak the text to the callee. There can be multiple nested SpeakSentence verbs.
PlayAudio (optional) Using the PlayAudio inside the Gather verb will play the media to the callee. There can only be 1 nested PlayAudio verb.

Note: Only one type of verb may be nested inside each <Gather>.

Callbacks Received

Callback Can reply with more BXML
Gather Yes

Example: Gather Verb

This example shows how to use the Gather verb to speak a sentence and collect digits input from the phone.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<Gather requestUrl="https://gather.url/nextBXML" requestUrlTimeout="10000"

<SpeakSentence gender="female" locale="en_US" voice="susan">Please, press a digit.</SpeakSentence>



Example: Gather with JSON Tag

Be sure to to use &quot; for quotes "

  <Gather requestUrl="https://gather.url/nextBXML" requestUrlTimeout="10000" terminatingDigits="#" maxDigits="1" tag="{&quot;Hello&quot;:&quot;World&quot;,&quot;Foo&quot;:&quot;Bar&quot;}">
    <SpeakSentence gender="female" locale="en_US" voice="susan">Thanks for calling Press 1 for more options</SpeakSentence>

Example: Gather with extra query parameters in the requestUrl

Be sure to to use &amp; for &

  <Gather requestUrl="https://gather.url/nextBXML?Hello=World&amp;Foo=Bar" requestUrlTimeout="10000" terminatingDigits="#" maxDigits="1">
    <SpeakSentence gender="female" locale="en_US" voice="susan">Thanks for calling Press 1 for more options</SpeakSentence>

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