XML: <Record>

The Record verb allows call recording. A call recording event containing the recording URL is generated after the recording is stopped.

  • If the <Record> verb is within a <Transfer> verb, it is used to record both the caller and called party audio. The recording will stop only when one of the party disconnects.
  • If the <Record>verb is outside a verb, only the called party audio is recorded. This is similar to situations where voicemail is recorded. maxDuration can be specified to stop recording after a specified period. Additionally, the caller can press a terminatingDigit to stop the recording. The recording will be in a single channel per file (mono recording).


requestUrl (optional) Absolute URL to send event
requestUrlTimeout (optional) The time in milliseconds to wait for requestUrl response.
fileFormat (optional) The format that the recording will be saved - mp3 or wav.

👉 Default is wav 👈
transcribe (optional) A boolean value to indicate that recording must be transcribed.

⚠️If transcription is requested, the only supported file format is wav. mp3 file format is not supported. ⚠️

👉 Default is false 👈
transcribeCallbackUrl Absolute URL to send transcribed event.
⚠️ Required if the transcribe attribute is set to true. ⚠️
multiChannel (optional) Record the caller and called party voices on 2 separate channels in the same file.
Values could be true or false. When false, both voices are recorded on the same channel. This is ignored if the <Record> verb is outside a <Transfer> verb.

I.e. If recording voicemail, it is recorded in the only channel in the file.

👉 Default is false 👈
maxDuration (optional) Number of seconds to record the caller’s voice. Default 60.
This is ignored if the <Record> verb is inside a <Transfer> verb.

👉 Max= 3600 seconds 👈
silenceTimeout (optional) Number of seconds of silence detected before ending the recording. Default is 3 seconds.

👉Max is 60 seconds. 👈
silenceThreshold (optional) This setting controls when the silence timeout is effective. Set this number higher in noisy environments to detect voice and “silence”.
If this is set too low, the ambient noise will be considered as activity and not considered silence.

👉 Default is 100. 👈

⚠️Warning: This setting should not be used unless the default setting is not working for you. ⚠️
terminatingDigits (optional) Digit that the caller presses to indicate that the recording can be stopped. It can be any one of 0-9*#.

👉 Default none.👈

⚠️This seting is ignored if the <Record> verb is inside a <Transfer> verb. ⚠️

Callbacks Recevied

Callbacks Can reply with more BXML
Recording No
Transcription No

Example: Recording Verb

This shows how to use Bandwidth XML record a phone call.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<SpeakSentence voice="paul" gender="male" locale="en_US">Recording your call after the beep</SpeakSentence>


<Record requestUrl="https://record.url.server/recordVoicemail" transcribe="true" transcribeCallbackUrl="https://transcribe.url/result"/ >


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