XML: <SpeakSentence>

The SpeakSentence verb is used to convert any text into speech for the caller. Note: If <SpeakSentence> is the last verb in the BXML, the call shall be disconnected after 30 seconds. Use Redirect verb to send the next BXML if the call needs to continue or Hangup to hangup the call immediately.


gender (required) Select the gender of the speaker (default=”female”).
locale Select the accent of the speaker (default=”en_US”).
voice (required) Select the voice of the speaker, limited by gender.
volume (optional) Integer between -4 and 4 that specifies how loud the sentence is. Default is 0.
gender locale voice
female en_US susan
en_UK bridget
de katrin
de_de katrin
es esperanza
es_mx esperanza
fr jolie
fr_fr jolie
it paola
it_it paola
male en_US paul
en_UK simon
de stefan
de_de stefan
es jorge
es_mx jorge
fr bernard
fr_fr bernard
it luca
it_it luca

Callbacks Recevied

Callbacks Can reply with more BXML
None No

Example: SpeakSentence Verb

This shows how to use Bandwidth XML to use text to speech to speak a sentence into a phone call.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<SpeakSentence voice="paola" locale="it" gender="female" volume="4">
Questo è un test


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