Order Local Phone Number

Search for and order available local numbers by location criteria.

For more information about Bandwidth’s local phone numbers, see the FAQ

Request URL


Supported Parameters *

Parameter Description Mandatory
city A city name. No
state A two-letter US state abbreviation ("CA" for California). **
zip A 5-digit US ZIP code. **
areaCode A 3-digit telephone area code. **
localNumber It is defined as the first digits of a telephone number inside an area code for filtering the results. It must have at least 3 digits and the areaCode field must be filled. ***
inLocalCallingArea Boolean value to indicate that the search for available numbers must consider overlayed areas. Only applied for localNumber searching. ***
quantity The maximum number of phone numbers to return (default 10, maximum 10). No
pattern A number pattern that may include letters, digits, and the following wildcard characters:
- ? : matches any single digit
- * : matches zero or more digits
Don't forget to encode wildcard characters in the requested URL.

Example 1 of 1: Search and allocate for city/state

To search and order two available local numbers in the city of Cary, North Carolina, make the following request

curl -v -X POST "https://api.catapult.inetwork.com/v1/availableNumbers/local?city=Cary&state=NC&quantity=2" -u {token}:{secret}
// Search 2 available local phone numbers with area code 910 and order them

// Promise
client.AvailableNumber.searchAndOrder("local", { areaCode : "910", quantity : 2 }).then(function (numbers) {});

// Callback
client.AvailableNumber.searchAndOrder("local", { areaCode : "910", quantity : 2 }, function (err, numbers) {});
var results = await client.AvailableNumber.SearchAndOrderLocalAsync(
  new LocalNumberQueryForOrder{ AreaCode = "910", Quantity = 2});
var firstResult = results.First();
var number = firstResult.Number;
var numberId = firstResult.Id;
Console.WriteLine($"{numberId} - {number}");
// n-123456 - +1234567890
results = AvailableNumber.search_and_order_local(client, {area_code: '910', quantity: 2})
first_result = results.next
number = first_result[:number]
number_id = first_result[:id]

The above command returns a 201 response JSON structured like this:

        "number": "{number1}",
        "nationalNumber": "{national_number1}",
        "price": "0.60",
        "location": "https://.../v1/users/.../phoneNumbers/{numberId1}"
        "number": "{number2}",
        "nationalNumber": "{national_number2}",
        "price": "0.60",
        "location": "https://.../v1/users/.../phoneNumbers/{numberId2}"

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