List Bridges

Get list of bridges for a given user.

Request URL


Supported Parameters

Parameter Description Mandatory
page Used for pagination to indicate the page requested for querying a list of bridges. If no value is specified the default is 0. No
size Used for pagination to indicate the size of each page requested for querying a list of bridges. If no value is specified the default value is 25 (maximum value 1000). No


Property Description
id The unique ID of the bridge.
state Bridge state. Possible state values are described below.
callIds List of call Ids that will be in the bridge.
calls The URL used to retrieve the calls in a specific bridge.
bridgeAudio Enable/Disable two-way audio path.
completedTime The time when the bridge was completed.
createdTime The time that bridge was created.
activatedTime The time that the bridge got into active state.

Bridge state

State Description
created The bridge was created but the audio was never bridged.
active The bridge has two active calls and the audio was already bridged before.
hold The bridge calls are on hold (bridgeAudio was set to false).
completed The bridge was completed. The bridge is completed when all calls hangup or when all calls are removed from bridge.
error Some error was detected in bridge.

Example 1 of 1: List of a user's bridges

curl -v -X GET{user-id}/bridges/transations -u {token}:{secret} -H "Content-type: application/json"
.then(function (response) {
    if(response.hasNextPage) {
        return response.getNextPage();
    else {
        return {bridges: []};
.then(function(response) {
var bridges = client.Bridge.List();
var firstBridge = bridges.First();
Console.WriteLine($"{firstBridge.Id} - {firstBridge.State}");
// brg-123 - Completed
bridges = Bridge.list(client)
first_bridge =
first_bridge_state = first_bridge[:state]

The above command returns JSON structured like this:

    "id": "{bridgeId}",
    "state": "completed",
    "bridgeAudio": true,
    "createdTime": "2013-04-22T13:55:30.279Z",
    "activatedTime": "2013-04-22T13:55:30.280Z",
    "completedTime": "2013-04-22T13:56:30.122Z"
    "id": "{bridgeId}",
    "state": "completed",
    "bridgeAudio": true,
    "createdTime": "2013-04-22T13:58:30.121Z",
    "activatedTime": "2013-04-22T13:58:30.122Z",
    "completedTime": "2013-04-22T13:59:30.122Z"

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