The Calls resource lets you make phone calls and view information about previous inbound and outbound calls.

Base URL{userId}/calls/


VERB Path Description
GET /v1/users/{userId}/calls Get a list of previous calls that were made or received
POST /v1/users/{userId}/calls Create an outbound phone call
GET /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId} Get information about a call that was made or received
POST /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId} Manage an active phone call (e.g. answer an incoming call, reject an incoming call, turn on / off recording, transfer, or hang up).
POST TRANSFER /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId} Transfer an active phone call
POST /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId}/audio Play an audio or speak a sentence in a call
POST /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId}/dtmf Send DTMF (phone keypad digit presses)
GET /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId}/events Gets the list of call events for a call
GET /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId}/events/{callEventId} Gets information about one call event
GET /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId}/recordings Retrieve all recordings related to the call
GET /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId}/transcriptions Retrieve all transcriptions related to the call
POST /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId}/gather Gather the DTMF digits pressed
GET /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId}/gather/{gatherId} Get the gather DTMF parameters and results
POST /v1/users/{userId}/calls/{callId}/gather/{gatherId} Update the gather (Stop Gather)

Receive Incoming Calls

To receive callbacks for incoming calls. You need to have:

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