List all Call Recordings

Retrieve all recordings related to the call.

For more information about recording a phone call, see the FAQ

Request URL


Example 1 of 1: Get recordings for a call Id.

curl -v -X GET{userId}/calls/{callId}/recordigns -u {token}:{secret} -H "Content-type: application/json"
// Promise
client.Call.getRecordings(callId).then(function (list) {});
// Callback
client.Call.getRecordings(callId, function (err, list) {});
var recordings = client.Call.GetRecordings("{callId1}");
var firstRecording = recordigns.First();
Console.WriteLine($"{firstRecording.Id} - {firstRecording.State}");
// r-1234 - Complete
recordings = call.get_recordings()
first_recording = recordigns[0]
first_recording_state = first_recording[:state]

The above command returns JSON structured like this:

        "endTime": "2013-02-08T12:06:55.007Z",
        "id": "{recordingId1}",
        "media": "https://.../v1/users/.../media/{callId}-1.wav",
        "call": "https://.../v1/users/.../calls/{callId}",
        "startTime": "2013-02-08T12:05:17.807Z",
        "state": "complete"
        "endTime": "2013-02-08T13:15:65.887Z",
        "id": "{recordingId2}",
        "media": "https://.../v1/users/.../media/{callId}-2.wav",
        "call": "https://.../v1/users/.../calls/{callId}",
        "startTime": "2013-02-08T13:15:55.887Z",
        "state": "complete"

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