Create Gather on active Call

Collects a series of DTMF digits from a phone call with an optional prompt. This request returns immediately. When gather finishes, an event with the results will be posted to the callback URL.

Request URL


Supported Parameters

Parameter Description Mandatory
maxDigits The maximum number of digits to collect, not including terminating digits (maximum 30). No
interDigitTimeout Stop gathering if a DTMF digit is not detected in this many seconds (default 5.0; maximum 30.0). No
terminatingDigits A string of DTMF digits that end the gather operation immediately if any one of them is detected (default “#”). If changed from the default, cannot be set to empty.
# : The gather ends if # is detected (this is the default behavior if the terminatingDigits property is not specified)
0#* : The gather ends if either 0, #, or * is detected
Don’t forget to encode keypad digits that have special meaning in a URL, like #.
tag A string you choose that will be included with the response and events for this gather operation. No
prompt.sentence The text to speak for the prompt (uses the call audio resource defaults). NOTE: encode special characters in the sentence. No
prompt.gender The gender to use for the voice reading the prompt sentence (uses the call audio resource defaults). No
prompt.locale The language and region to use for the voice reading the prompt sentence (uses the call audio resource defaults). No
prompt.loopEnabled When value is true, the audio will keep playing in a loop. Default: false No
prompt.bargeable Make the prompt (audio or sentence) bargeable (will be interrupted at first digit gathered). Default: true.

NOTE: This is deprecated and bargeable cannot be turned off.
prompt.fileUrl The location of an audio file to play (WAV and MP3 supported). No

Example 1 of 1: Play a prompt sentence

Play a prompt sentence, then wait until 5 digits are pressed. Stop gathering digits if * is pressed, or if 7 seconds pass with no digits pressed.

curl -v -X POST{userId}/calls/{callId}/gather -u {token}:{secret} -H "Content-type: application/json" -d
        "maxDigits"         : "5",
        "terminatingDigits" : "*",
        "interDigitTimeout" : "7",
        "prompt"            : {
            "sentence" : "Please enter your 5 digit code"
//Create Gather
//The gather ends if either 0, #, or * is detected
var options =     {
    "prompt": {
        "sentence": "Please enter your 5 digit code"
client.Call.createGather("callId", options).then(function(res) {});

client.Call.createGather("callId", options, function(err, res) {});
var gather = await client.Call.CreateGatherAsync("{callId1}", new CreateGatherData {
    MaxDigits = "5",
    TerminatingDigits = "*",
    InterDigitTimeout = "7",
    Prompt = new GatherPrompt {
        Sentence = "Please enter your 5 digit code"

Console.WriteLine($"Created gather with id {gather.Id}");
// Created gather with id g-1234
gather = call.create_gather({
    :max_digits => "5",
    :terminating_digits => "*",
    :inter_digit_timeout => "7",
    :prompt =>  {
        :sentence => "Please enter your 5 digit code"

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