The Conference resource allows you create conferences, add up to 20 members to it, play audio, speak text, mute/unmute members, hold/unhold members and other things related to conferencing. Once a conference is created there is no timeout associated with it, i.e., the conference will stay in created state until it is explicitly terminated. After the last member of a conference is removed from it, the conference will be set automatically as completed.

Base URL{userId}/conferences


Verb Path about
POST /v1/users/{userId}/conferences Create a new conference
GET /v1/users/{userId}/conferences/{conferenceId} Retrieve conference information
POST /v1/users/{userId}/conferences/{conferenceId} Update conference
POST /v1/users/{userId}/conferences/{conferenceId}/audio Play an audio/speak a sentence in the conference
POST /v1/users/{userId}/conferences/{conferenceId}/members Add a member to a conference.
GET /v1/users/{userId}/conferences/{conferenceId}/members List all members from a conference
POST /v1/users/{userId}/conferences/{conferenceId}/members/{memberId} Update a conference member (remove, mute, hold)
GET /v1/users/{userId}/conferences/{conferenceId}/members/{memberId} Retrieve properties for a single conference member
POST /v1/users/{userId}/conferences/{conferenceId}/members/{memberId}/audio Play audio/speak to only one conference member

Default Button Presses (DTMF) During Conferences

Button Action
1 Decrease member talk (mic) volume into conference
2 Reset talk volume to default setting
3 Increase member talk (mic) volume into conference
4 Decrease member receive (earpiece) volume
5 Reset member receive volume to default setting
6 Increase member receive (earpiece) volume
7 Increase mic sensitivity (picks up more noise)
8 Reset mic sensitivity to default
9 Decrease mic sensitivity (picks up less noise)
0 Toggle audio from this member into the conference
* Block audio from conference to this member as well as mute, in one action
# Leave the conference

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