List Domains

This returns a list of the domains that have been created

Request URL



Property Description
name The name is a unique URI to be used in DNS lookups
description String to describe the domain
endpoints URL to use to GET list of endpoints on this domain.
id Unique string to identify the domain resource

Example 1 of 1: List all domains

curl -v -X GET{userId}/domains -u {token}:{secret} -H "Content-type: application/json"
.then(function (domains) {
var domains = client.Domain.List();
var firstDomain = domains.First();
Console.WriteLine($"{firstDomain.Name} - {firstDomain.Description}");
// mycoolapp - disruptive app that's going to revolutonize telecom
domains = Domain.list(client)
first_domain =
first_domain_name =

The above command returns JSON structured like this:

    "id" : "dom-xyz123",
        "name" : "mycoolapp",
    "description" : "disruptive app that's going to revolutonize telecom",
        "endpoints" : "/v1/users/{user-id}/domains/dom-xyz123/endpoints"
    "id" : "dom-abc876",
        "name" : "mycoolapp_stage",
    "description" : "stage env for disruptive app",
        "endpoints" : "/v1/users/{user-id}/domains/dom-abc876/endpoints"

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