Fetch Message information

Gets information about a previously sent or received message. No query parameters are supported.

We only store the message contents for 3 days. Any messages older than 3 days will not contain text. For more information, see the FAQ

Request URL



Property Description
id The unique ID of the message.
from The message sender’s telephone number (or short code).
to Message recipient telephone number (or short code).
direction Direction of message, in - a message that came from the telephone network to one of your numbers (an “inbound” message) or out - a message that was sent from one of your numbers to the telephone network (an “outbound” message)
text The message contents.
media Json array containing list of media urls to be sent as content for an mms. Valid URLs are:
We also support media URLs that are external to Bandwidth API, http:// or https:// format:
Example: http://customer-web-site.com/file.jpg
And coming soon, we are going to use file name from Content-Disposition header in case it’s passed by the media URLs that are external to Bandwidth API.
state Message state, values are:
* error
time The time the message resource was created (UTC, follows the ISO 8601 format).
callbackUrl The complete URL where the events related to the outgoing message will be sent.
callbackTimeout Determine how long should the platform wait for callbackUrl’s response before timing out (milliseconds).
fallbackUrl The server URL used to send message events if the request to callbackUrl fails.
page Used for pagination to indicate the page requested for querying a list of messages. If no value is specified the default is 0.
size Used for pagination to indicate the size of each page requested for querying a list of messages. If no value is specified the default value is 25. (Maximum value 1000)
tag A string that will be included in the callback events of the message.
receiptRequested Requested receipt option for outbound messages: none all error Default is none.
deliveryState One of the message delivery states waiting delivered not-delivered
deliveryCode Numeric value of deliver code, see table for values.
deliveryDescription Message delivery description for the respective delivery code
segmentCount The number of segments the message was sent as. This value will always be 1 for MMS messages. Any messages that were created before this field was added will have a value of 0 in this field.

Message States

State Description
received The message was received.
queued The message is waiting in queue and will be sent soon.
sending The message was removed from queue and is being sent.
sent The message was sent successfully.
error There was an error sending or receiving a message (check errors resource for details).

Message Delivery State

State Description
waiting Waiting for receipt.
delivered Receipt indicating that message was delivered.
not-delivered Receipt indicating that message was not delivered.

Message Delivery Code

Code Description
0 Message Delivered to Carrier
187 Spam Detected – Statistical
188 Spam Detected -Keyword
189 Spam Detected
482 Loop Detected
600 Destination Carrier Queue Full
610 submit_sm or submit_multi failed
620 Destination App Error
630 NACK
650 Destination Failure
700 Invalid Service Type
720 Invalid Destination Address
740 Invalid Source Address
750 Destination Rejected Message
751 Destination Rejected Message too large
770 Destination Rejected due to spam
775 Rejected due to user opt out
902 Message Expired
999 Unknown Error

Example 1 of 1: Get a single message

curl -v -X GET https://api.catapult.inetwork.com/v1/users/{userId}/messages/{messageId} -u {token}:{secret} -H "Content-type: application/json"
.then(function (message) {

client.Message.get("{messageId}", function (err, message) {
  if(err) {
  else {
var message = await client.Message.GetAsync("{messageId}");
Console.WriteLine($"{message.From} -> {message.To}: {message.Text}");
// +1234567890 -> +1234567891: message text
message = Message.get(client, "{messageId1}")
text = message[:text]

The above command returns JSON structured like this:

  "direction": "in",
  "from": "{fromPhoneNumber}",
  "id": "{messageId}",
  "state": "received",
  "text": "Hey Duke, see you this afternoon!.",
  "media": [],
  "time": "2014-06-09T19:29:09Z",
  "to": "{toPhoneNumber",
  "skipMMSCarrierValidation": false,
  "segmentCount": 1

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