Fetch Phone Number information

Gets information about one of your numbers using the number's ID. No query parameters are supported.


Gets information about one of your numbers using the E.164 number string, like "+19195551212". Remember to URL encode the plus sign prefix. No query parameters are supported.

Request URL



Property Description
id The unique id of the phone number.
name A name you choose for this number.
number The telephone number in E.164 format.
nationalNumber The telephone number in a friendly national format, e.g. (555) 5555-5555
city The city of the phone number.
state The state of the phone number.
applicationId The unique id of an Application you want to associate with this number.
application The URI of the application associated with the number for inbound phone calls and text messages.
fallbackNumber Number to transfer an incoming call when the callback/fallback events can’t be delivered.
price The monthly price for this number.
createdTime Date when the number was created. Timestamp follows the ISO8601 format (UTC).
numberState The phone number state, values are enabled or released

Example 1 of 1: Get number properties by E.164 or Id

curl -v -X GET https://api.catapult.inetwork.com/v1/users/{userId}/phoneNumbers/%20{number} -u {token}:{secret} -H "Content-type: application/json"
// Promise
// or

// Callback
client.PhoneNumber.get(numberId, function(err, number){});
// or
client.PhoneNumber.get("+1234567890", function(err, number){});
var number = await client.PhoneNumber.GetAsync("+1234567890");
// Cary
number = PhoneNumber.get(client, "+1234567890")
city = number.city

The above command returns JSON structured like this:

   "id": "{numberId}",
   "application": "https://catapult.inetwork.com/.../applications/{applicationId}",
   "name": "home phone",
   "createdTime": "2013-02-13T17:46:08.374Z",
   "city": "Raleigh",
   "state": "NC",
   "price": "0.60",
   "numberState": "enabled"

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