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Allocates a number so you can use it to make and receive calls and send and receive messages. For more information about a new phone number, see the FAQ

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Supported Parameters

Parameter Description Mandatory
number An available telephone number you want to use (must be in E.164 format, like +19195551212). Yes
name A name you choose for this number. No
applicationId The unique id of an Application you want to associate with this number. No
fallbackNumber Number to transfer an incoming call when the callback/fallback events can’t be delivered. No

Example 1 of 1: Allocate a phone number to your account

To allocate the phone number {number} with the name "home phone" and the fallbackNumber {fallback_number} you can make calls with it, send the following request:

curl -v -X POST https://api.catapult.inetwork.com/v1/users/{userId}/phoneNumbers -u {token}:{secret} -H "Content-type: application/json" -d
        "number": "+15555555555",
        "name": "home phone"
        "fallbackNumber": "{fallback_number}"
//Allocate number +1234567980

// Promise
client.PhoneNumber.create({ number : "+1234567890" }).then(function(number){});

// Callback
client.PhoneNumber.create({ number : "+1234567890" }, function(err, number){});
var number = await client.PhoneNumber.CreateAsync(new CreatePhoneNumberData {Number = "+1234567890"});
Console.WriteLine($"Created phone number with id {number.Id}");
number = PhoneNumber.create(client, {:number => "+1234567890"})

The above command returns HTTP Header structured like this:

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Location: /v1/users/{userId}/phoneNumbers/{numberId}

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