Update Phone Number

Makes changes to a number you have. POST a new JSON representation with the property values you desire to the URL that you got back in the "Location" header when you first allocated it. Properties you don't send will remain unchanged. The "numberId" refers to the numberId or the number itself. When using the number itself remember to URL encode the plus sign prefix.

Request URL


Supported Parameters

Parameter Description Mandatory
applicationId The unique id of an Application resource you want to associate with this number for incoming calls and messages or an empty string ("") if you want to disassociate this number with an application. No
name A name you choose for this number. No
fallbackNumber Number to transfer an incoming call when the callback/fallback events can’t be delivered. No

Example 1 of 1: Change the Application resource a phone number uses for inbound calls and messages

curl -v -X POST https://api.catapult.inetwork.com/v1/users/{userId}/phoneNumbers/{numberId} -u {token}:{secret} -H "Content-type: application/json" -d
        "applicationId": "{application_id}"
// Promise
client.PhoneNumber.update(numberId, {applicationId: "{application_id}"}).then(function(){});

// Callback
client.PhoneNumber.update(numberId, {applicationId: "{application_id}"}, function(err){});
await client.PhoneNumber.UpdateAsync(numberId, new UpdatePhoneNUmberData {
    ApplicationId = "{application_id}"
phoneNumber.update({:application_id => "{application_id}"})

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