List Transcriptions on Recording

Get all the transcriptions that were made for the given recodingId

Request URL



Property Description
id The unique id of the transcriptions resource.
state The state of the transcription, transcribing completed error
text The transcribed text.
time The date/time the transcription resource was created (UTC).
chargeableDuration The seconds between activeTime and endTime for the recording; this is the time that is going to be used to charge the resource. Note: transcriptions are billed in 1 minute units.
textSize The size of the transcribed text. If the text is longer than 1000 characters it will be cropped; the full text can be retrieved from the url available at textUrl property.
textUrl An url to the full text; this property is available regardless of the textSize.

Example 1 of 1: Get all the transcriptions for a recording resource id

curl -v -X GET{userId}/recordings/{recording-id}/transcriptions -u {token}:{secret} -H "Content-type: application/json"
// Promise

// Callback
client.Recording.getTranscriptions(recordingId, function(err, transcriptions){});
var transcriptions = client.Transcription.List("{recordingId}");
var firstTranscription = transcriptions.First();
Console.WriteLine($"{firstTranscription.Id} - {firstTranscription.Text}");
// tr-1234 - Hello there
transcriptions = recording.get_transacriptions()
first_transcription_text = transcriptions[0].text

The above command returns JSON structured like this:

        "chargeableDuration": 60,
        "id": "{transcription-id}",
        "state": "completed",
        "time": "2014-10-09T12:09:16Z",
        "text": "{transcription-text}",
        "textSize": 3627,
        "textUrl": "{url-to-full-text}"
        "chargeableDuration": 60,
        "id": "{transcription-id}",
        "state": "completed",
        "text": "{transcription-text}",
        "time": "2014-10-09T14:04:44Z",
        "textSize": 72,
        "textUrl": "{url-to-full-text}"

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