Rate Limits

All of Bandwidth's endpoints are rate limited. ⚠️ Please note that Rate limits are subject to change. You should expect and handle either an HTTP 429 or HTTP 403 response for each request to Bandwidth's API.

Endpoints that access resources; such as listing messages, listing transactions, or creating a new application are rate limited at the API level and will return an HTTP 429 error when the rate limit is exceeded.

The only two endpoints that behave differently are POST requests to create new SMS/MMS messages or create a new phone call and will receive a HTTP 403 error when the rate limit is exceeded.

Rate Limit Changes For July 1st, 2019

Information on rate limit changes that went live on July 1st, 2019 can be found on our rate limit changes page

Rate Limit Documentation

Type Description Error Code
Outbound Call Creation Rate Limits Learn about how outbound phone calls are rate limited. HTTP 403
Outbound Message Sending Rate Limits Learn about how outbound sms & mms messages are rate limited HTTP 403
Everything else Learn about how all other endpoints are rate limited HTTP 429

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